1. The best way for people to change their lives is to have control and to do it in a way that they believe is best for them.

And even if an NGO would come and with magic wand fix everything, the result still would become shaky after some time. And it is because the result has not been cemented by strong motivation and engagement of target people.

2. The true help doesn’t violate others’ dignity and results in partner, not benefactor, relationship.

This new sort of relationship makes both sides stand on the same level, making trust, responsibility and personal touch key pillars of such relationship.

3. An ongoing dialogue lies in the heart of partnership.

Partnership may be regarded as successful when there is an ongoing attention and care about each other. It creates a feeling of having a shoulder of a fellow. And only when the relations are personal enough, sharing ideas, encouragement and experience may start.

4. A belief in each other will make tomorrow better than today.

Believing in each other, knowing without a doubt that each one of us can do amazing things in the world and practicing it every day, “that is what can make our stories into love stories and our collective story into one that continually perpetuates hope and good things for all of us.”

The post is primarily based on Jessica Jackley’s TED talk and Kiva’s web page.